Core Publisher: How do I create a Program Promo Block?

The purpose of the Program Promo Block is to promote the programs that you air on your station, both local and syndicated. The Program Promo Block displays the title of the program, logo, description and the three most recent posts related to the program (where applicable), pulled directly from your Program Pages. You can choose to create separate Program Promo Blocks for each program that you want to promote on your homepage, or add multiple programs to one block that your users can manually scroll through.

To create a Program Promo Block:
Note: All fields with a red asterisk (*) are required to save your new block.
  1. Click on the Add block link in the Block Factory box in your Core Publisher admin.
  2. Select Promotional Block from the Choose Block Type list.
  3. Select Program Promo from the Choose Treatment list.
  4. Enter the title of your block in the Block Title field. By default, the title will display on the homepage above the block.
  5. Check the Hide Block Title check box if you do not want the title to display on the homepage.
  6. If you want your Block Title to link to a specific program page or your /programs page, add the full URL (including http://) to the Make Block Title a link field.
  7. The Program Title field is an autocomplete field. Start to type in the name of your program and select it from the autocomplete dropdown.
  8. Once you select your program, the Program Description and Program Image fields will be automatically populated from the associated Program Page.
  9. Edit the Program Description that will display in the block. (optional)
  10. Upload a new Program Image for the block by selecting the Select media button (optional).
  11. To display the three most recent posts from the Program Page, check the Show latest headlines associate with this program checkbox.
  12. To add another program to your Program Promo block, click on the Add another program option.
  13. Once you have added information for all of the programs that you want to add to the block, click on the Save button to save your block, or Save & View to save your block and be taken to a preview of what it will look like.

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