Core Publisher: What is the Block Factory?

Using the Block Factory

The Block Factory allows you to create up to fifty blocks that can be placed on your homepage in any region using the layout manager. All blocks that are created in the Block Factory are automatically added to your Bullpen.
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Access the Block Factory by clicking on the Block Factory link in the Configure Corepublisher dashboard in the Homepage Management section. You can also click on the All Blocks or Add block links in the Block Factory quick links section on the top left of certain admin pages.

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Types of Homepage Blocks

There are currently five different types of blocks that you can create in the Block Factory:
  • Curated Blocks: Allows for either one or three stories to be featured, with a headline, image and post body teaser (for first or main post)
  • Promotional Blocks: A customizable small or large image text and image block that can be used for promotional needs
  • RSS Blocks: Displays up to ten posts from an RSS feed
  • Program Promo Blocks: A promotional block for program pages pulling content from your Program Pages
  • Category Blocks: Displays up to ten posts from a Category page
Homepage blocks can be added to each of the three homepage regions. The layout of the block may change to adapt to the size and placement of the region on most devices. On mobile devices, all blocks will emulate the region C layout due to the smaller screen size.


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