Core Publisher: What are the different Content Types?

Adding Content in Core Publisher

The term “content” in Core Publisher refers to the types of pages that you can create to share with your web visitors. There are seven main types of content that you will be creating:
  • Live event – Way to present concerts and events from NPR Music in an iFrame on your site.
  • Page – Generic page of content, (e.g. “About Us”, “Employment Opportunities” or “Spring Pledge Drive Information”) that may be added to your site navigation
  • Person – Bio page for a contributor, staff member or host to attach to posts in the byline
  • Post – News article that includes text and images to display information and can be shared on other sites through the NPR Story API
  • Program – Information about a show that airs on your radio station using data pulled from Composer 2
  • Topic – Tool for creating dynamic pages of related content using tags
  • Web Clip – Tool for sharing content from external (non-Core Publisher or NPR) sources on your site
You can access a list of links to create all content by clicking on the Add Content link in your top grey and black admin bar.

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