Core Publisher: How can I create and manage my Header?

Your Core Publisher Header should reflect your station branding and culture. You will want to visually create a sense of localness for your web visitors while not drawing too much attention. The Header displays on every page of your site.
There are four sections to your Header in Core Publisher:
  • Header Background -- Can be either a color, photo or illustration that represents your station branding and/or location
  • Station Logo
  • Text Tagline -- Station slogan or description of station brand and programming
  • Donate & Listen Live* Buttons -- Two buttons, one linking to your station pledge page and one linking to your station stream or external stream player* (Note: If you choose to use the Core Publisher Persistent Player, you will not see a Listen Live button.)

The Core Publisher Header will reformat for different screen sizes, as seen below.

The admin to manage your Header is located in the Homepage Management section of your Configure Core Publisher dashboard.
To create/manage your Header:
  1. In the Logo Image section, upload the station logo that you want to display in your header.
  2. By default, your logo is going to link back to your Core Publisher homepage. If you want your logo to link to a non-Core Publisher homepage (i.e. For stations that are using Core Publisher as a news/radio only site), enter the full destination URL in the Over-ride logo link field.
  3. In the Favicon - Shortcut Icon section, upload your site favicon.
  4. Under Header Background - Color & Image, manage the main look of your header.
    • Enter the HTML color code in the Background Color section for the header background on desktops (if you do not add an image or photograph in the Background Image section), tablets and mobile phones.
    • Upload an image to display in your header on desktops in the Background Image section. (Optional)
    • Customize where and how your header image will display using the Background Image Position, Background Image Size & Background Image Repeat  options.
  5. Enter your text tagline in the Tagline Text field. (Note: Some basic HTML can be added to this field.)
  6. Enter the HTML color code for the tagline text color in the Tagline Text Color field.
  7. In the Header Button Colors - Menu, Listen Live, & Donate section, under the HTML color color codes for the Listen Live, Donate and Site Menu buttons that will display in the header.
  8. By default, the header height will be the same on all pages. If you want to reduce the header height on all pages that are not your homepage to push your content further above the fold, check the Reduce header height on inner pages checkbox.
  9. Click on the Preview button to see a preview of what you header will look like before saving.
  10. Click on the on Save button to save your header changes.
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