Core Publisher: Navigating the "Configure Core Publisher" Dashboard

The Configure Core Publisher dashboard contains links to the site configuration tools that you have access to in Core Publisher. The dashboard is broken down into three sections -- Content Management, Homepage Management and Other Site Management Links. When new tools are added to Core Publisher links to manage them will be added to this dashboard.

Content Management
  • Add Content – Links to forms to create content (Pages, Posts, Programs, etc.)
  • Find Content – Admin for searching your conten
  • Get NPR Content – Interface for pulling posts onto your site from the NPR Story API
  • Manage Categories – Admin for creating and managing content categories
  • Manage Tags – Admin for creating and managing content tags
  • Get PMP Content – Interface for managing your connection to the PMP
Homepage Management
  • Header – Tool to create and edit your Core Publisher site header
  • Layout – Drag and drop admin for building your homepage and managing homepage layouts
  • NPR News Title – Interface for changing the title of your /npr-news page, a news river of all of the content pulled onto your site from the NPR Story API
  • Block Factory – Shortcut to the Block Factory admin for building homepage blocks
Other Site Management Links
  • Sitewide Alert – Tool to create a text alert to show on all pages of your Core Publisher site
  • Manage Queues – Links to admin for managing different tablequeues, including your site navigation and footer
  • Default og:image – Interface to upload a default 250x250 image for sharing posts on Facebook that have no primary image
  • Support Link –  Interface for editing the Donate link in site header
  • Manage Player – Tool to manage your Persistent Player streaming links and settings
Web Services Management Links
  • Manage – Tool to connect personal account to Core Publisher
  • Podcasts & Feeds Defaults – Interface for setting up default information for your podcast and RSS feeds to display in third-party tools

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