Core Publisher: Where do personal Saved Post Drafts go?

Core Publisher automatically saves drafts of your Posts as you are working on them. You will see a Changes last saved message at the bottom of the Post form with the last time that the draft was saved.

Drafts are saved in case your device loses Internet or your Post is not saved before you navigate away from the page. If you want to save a Post as unpublished, do not rely on the saved draft. Instead, click on the Save button to save your Post as unpublished.

Drafts are available only to the user who created the Post. Your user will be able to access your Drafts, but you will not be able to access the Drafts of other users' posts.

To navigate to your saved drafts:

  1. Click on the Find Content link in your top gray admin bar.

  2. Click the Drafts tab.

  3. Click on the title of the Post that you want to edit.

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