Salesforce Marketing Cloud: How to Create a New Email From a Template

To begin, go to the Email Studio:

In Classic Content: 

  1. Go to the Content Tab 
  2. Confirm heading at top-left says, Classic Content
  3. Go to My Emails
  4. Click Create
  5. Select Template Based

  1. Under Template, press select
  2. Choose the Template you would like to make this email off of and press Okay

    Once you click on Template Based, you will be arrive at this page:
  1. Give the Email a Name and a Subject Line 
  2. Select a Location to store this Email
  3. Press Save. The edit screen for the email should load.
  4. To edit this Email in the future, navigate to where you saved this email and click on the name of the email.

In Content Builder

1. In Content Builder, go to Create in the top right, and select Email​

2. To create an email from a Template, make sure Template is selected from the drop down menu on the top-left

3. Click the checkbox next to the Template you would like to base this email off of and then press Select
4. Name the Email
5. Select a Location for the Email

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