NPR One: Editorial help with Newscasts

Just as your local newscast is critical in communicating timely and relevant information to your broadcast audience, it is of equal value to your listeners in NPR One.  The local newscast will immediately follow the national NPR newscast and is the first experience, after the Hello, of truly connecting with your local brand and content.

When a listener comes to the player, NPR One will look up and play your most recent newscast.  To ensure the best listening experience, every newscast will play for two hours and then be removed.

Production Requirements for Participation:

Recommendations for a Better Listening Experience

Clean cuts.

Your automation may be clipping the newscast too early or too late.  For example, if a newscast starts in the middle of a sentence or with part of the national newscast preceding it, the listening experience and personal connection with the audience is significantly diminished.  Additionally, audio that is confusing will most likely be skipped.

In an effort to protect the listening experience, if a certain percentage of your newscasts are having problems meeting this requirement, DS will work with your team on adjustments moving forward.
Length should mirror standards set for magazine clocks.  

  • Maximum length of 6:00.

  • The newscaster should identify him or herself and the station at the beginning of the newscast.

  • Like broadcast, this is a strong way to relay station identity to your listeners and remind them of the value of your local reporting.
  • A clean, news-centric experience free of extra or dated elements.

No traffic

Traffic information will most likely be outdated by the time the NPR One audience hears it.  Unlike other elements, such as weather, having incorrect traffic information could be problematic for the listener and may train them to disregard this element entirely over time.     

No time check

Since the time will inevitably be wrong for the listener, eliminating this element will give the information a longer shelf life and prevent the audience from thinking the newscast is old.

No local sponsorship  

Sponsorship will eventually be available as a stand-alone opportunity that is sold separately in the player.  Leaving current broadcast spots in the newscast may diminish the future value of separate buys in addition to potentially causing the user to skip.  (Sponsorship won’t be skippable as a stand-alone element.)

View instructions on how to set up your newscast.

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