NPR One: Editorial guidelines and content specifications

We have partnered with advisory group stations and members from the station community to provide you with editorial guidance and specifications to help you create your content for NPR One.  There are 4 content areas/buckets that stations will have the option to create local content for in NPR One.  Please see a brief description for each content type , as well as a link to the full editorial guidelines and content specifications for each below Read more about the content flow...


In an effort to create an immediate local tie with each listening experience, this important lead element tells the listener that “it’s YOUR STATION on NPR One.” This local branding is a key element of the “Hello” message, which is then combined with a highly produced national greeting and introduction to NPR One. Get full details on Hello Guidelines and Recommendations

Local Newscast:

Just as your local newscast is critical in communicating timely and relevant information to your broadcast audience, it is of equal value to your listeners in NPR One.  The local newscast will immediately follow the national NPR newscast and is the first experience, after the Hello, of truly connecting with your local brand and content. Get full details here - Local Newscast Guidelines and Recs

Station Messages:

Audio messages are a tool can be valuable to both stations and listeners. They can be used to introduce new programs, event promotion, or providing a local connection to their specific station.Stations use StationConnect to upload and manage their messages.

Get full details on Sonic ID Guidelines and Recommendations

Local Segmented Audio:

Your locally-produced segments are a critical piece of the NPR One experience and provide the greatest opportunity for a meaningful connection to the listener.  From spot news and topical pieces, to longer, contextual features, the mix of national and local segments hopes to provide something for everyone, with the added benefit of listener control. Get full details here - Local Segmented Audio Guidelines and Recs.

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