Salesforce Marketing Cloud: How Do I Change the From Name on my Email?

Every email sent from Salesforce Marketing Cloud comes from an email address on the domain,  However, it is possible to create multiple Sender Profiles in your account to control the text name that appears in the From filed next to the email address.

When sending an email, you can suggest which of your Sender Profiles to use to control the "From" name listed on your email:

Use the Guided Send option to send your email.  The 4th screen will display your Send Options:

In the top section of the screen, the option that's selected by default is, "Use the following from name and address," which shows the default sender name.

If you select the other radio button labeled, “Select a send classification”, a checkbox will appear underneath that says, “Overwrite sender profile with: "next to a drop-down menu that starts with, “default” as the options:

Check the overwrite box, then select the sender name you want from the drop-down menu.

Click Next to continue the guided send process.

You will have a chance to review the sender profile used for the email on the final confirmation screen before the email is sent.

Submit a ticket if you need to set up additional sender profiles.  We'll need to know the From name needed, and what email address you would like the system to forward any replies to.

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