NPR One: How do I add my station identity?

The Station Identity section under StationConnect Settings include the Display Name and Tagline. The Display Name and Tagline fields are where you put the name of your station and station tagline (if applicable) so it surfaces in the NPR One app.

The Display Name will surface in the following areas:

Find Station Page, Station Page and Navigation Drawer

Local Newscast and Local Story pages

Adding/Editing Your Display Name and Tagline

You only have to update two fields to populate all of these areas!
  1. Log into StationConnect. Note: Your login information is the same as
  2. Find the NPR One logo next to your Station and click on the Station to edit.
  3. Locate the "Settings" tab
  4. To add your station name and tagline find "Display Name" and "Tagline" to enter your station name and tagline.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom and select "Save changes"

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