NPR One: What is NPR One?

NPR One: Public radio made personal.

NPR One is the engine driving new digital listening on emerging platforms including our IOS and Android apps and smart speakers. It blends NPR and Member Station news reporting into a rich, localized, on-demand experience.

It is primarily a local/national newsmagazine experience, but enabled with digital capabilities that customize to the user and enables features such as skipping.

NPR One is part of NPR’s plans to build a transformative digital listening platform that will make public radio content available wherever people tune in. It is a new way of listening to Public radio – responsive to the listener’s tastes and routines.

NPR One presents a distinct listening experience.

NPR One offers a simple, intuitive experience that starts at the touch of a button or voice command. There is no need for extensive set up, there are tools to personalize the experience via likes and shares and we’ve crafted a flow of stories that’s been optimized for extended listening. Overtime NPR One will deliver content that bends towards the specific interests of a listener while maintaining those sparks and moments of serendipity that we are known for - preserving what is so unique about the public radio experience.

Local is seamlessly woven into the NPR One experience.

Member Stations' local brand is integrated with NPR programming, bringing newscasts and stories together in a unique, handcrafted experience. When first downloaded the app, localizes to a person’s nearest station [with the option to change station preference] and delivers the local station brand visuals and voice. Some smart speaker listeners have the option of localizing by providing their zip code. Listeners then hear the latest NPR hourly newscast, a local newscast then transition to a custom flow of relevant stories.
In every listening session, there are features specifically designed to reinforce listeners’ relationship with their favorite public radio station including:
  • Programming that mirrors the national/local broadcast mix with built-in intelligence for localization and personalization.
  • Local station branding - both audio and visual - throughout NPR One provide a sense of place.
  • Audio segments that remind listeners how we pay for the stories they love and connect them directly to your station's pledge pages.
  • Messages from the local member station to deepen engagement with listeners.  These messages can promote an upcoming event, newsletter subscription or anything else that is important to the station.
  • The ability to connect and capture listener information, so you can build relationships with that new audience.
  • Metrics tracking around listening behavior, so that you can see what content works best with this emerging audience.
While listening, NPR One users can also:
  • Donate to your station
  • Skip or pause a story
  • Skip around within a story
  • Search for (and play) the latest episode of any program your station lists in the NPR Podcast directory

Station Participation – Creating Your Station’s Sense of Place

There are station tools to change and manage your station’s local presence within NPR One. Going forward, existing and future features will be enhanced to improve how stations manage their local brand and content within NPR One.

A Process of Learning

NPR One is intended to create a new, captivating experience for our audience that also supports the business model of public radio.  The experience itself will evolve and change as we engage in a process of constant learning. We will continue to test to learn what resonates best for our audience while staying true to the mission and business needs of public radio.

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