Where does my local station branding show up in NPR One?

Inside the NPR One app, your station's brand is presented in 3 distinct ways: text identifierslogos, and a hello audio branding pieces connected to the NPR hello at the beginning of a user session. Each of the branding placements can be updated and managed by stations, or stations can rely on the default placements created for stations by NPR. Stations can use newly created tools within StationConnect to manage and update branding elements inside NPR One. Below you will see visuals to detail where your station's brand is presented in the app and access to the instructions to update these elements in StationConnect.

Text Identifiers

There are several text areas where your call letters will show up in NPR One. Learn more about where you will find your text identifiers in the app below.

For instructions on updating your text identifier in StationConnect click here.

Station Card Screen

  • Appears as: Abbreviation / call letters ex: KQED

Local Newscast

Users will see your call letters present while listening to your local newscast.

Story Card Screen

This is the now playing area that shows what is currently playing.  If the story is a local station story, you will see your text presented.

Story Card Carousel Screen

There is a carousel of story content that is available that shows what is coming "Up Next" and the recent user history.


Your logos will be present in several prominent areas in the app.  Learn more about how your logos can be found in NPR One below.

For specifications and instructions on updating your logos in StationConnect, click here.

Hello Opening Screen

Lock Screen

Profile Page

Station Hello Audio Message

This is the very first thing the audience will hear when they turn on NPR One.  We have produced these spots for you, but you can upload your own station audio into StationConnect now.

For specifications and instructions on updating your "hello" audio message in StationConnect, click here

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