NPR One: Where does my local station branding show up?

Inside the NPR One app, your station's brand is presented in 3 distinct ways: Station Identity, Logos and Audio Branding. 


Below you will see visuals to detail where your station's brand is presented in the app and access to the instructions to update these elements in StationConnect.

Station Identity

The Station Identity section under StationConnect Settings include the Display Name and Tagline. The Display Name and Tagline fields are where you put the name of your station and station tagline (if applicable) so it surfaces in the NPR One app. 

Learn how to update your station Identity in StationConnect.

The Display Name will surface in the following areas:

Find Station Page, Station Page and Navigation Drawer

Local Newscast and Local Story Pages



Your logos will be present in several prominent areas in the app.  Learn more about how your logos can be found in NPR One below.

Learn about required specifications and how to update your logos in StationConnect.

Hello Opening Screen and Logo Lock Screen

Find Station Page, ​Station Page and Navigation Drawer

Audio Branding

Upload your station's "Hello" which plays when you localize to your station in NPR One. The "Hello" will play whenever you launch the app. Learn how to add your Station Hello to NPR One.

Upload your station's "Message" to alert your audience to station updates or events such as the launch of a new show, an event your station is hosting, or ask your listeners to look for a new podcast. Learn how to add your Messages to NPR One

Donation Ask
Upload your station's "Donation" audio asking your audience to "tap the button on the screen" to help support the content you provide on NPR One. Learn how to add your Donation Ask audio to NPR One.

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