SMC: How do I export email performance data in bulk?

For stations moving off of SFMC onto another provider, it is possible to export data on your past emails' performance to store for future reference.

1. Log into Salesforce Marketing Cloud and go to TRACKING>>REPORTS
2. In the list of reports on the right, select ACCOUNT SEND SUMMARY (under TRACKING REPORTS):

3. In the report interface lat loads on the right, adjust the following settings:
  • Use the date pickers to select a date-range for your reports
  • Change the EXCLUDE SINGLE SENDS setting to "No"
  • Under REPORT RESULTS DELIVERY, select "Email the Report Results"
  • Enter the email address you want the report sent to, and a subject so you'll know what the report is. Use the comments field for any text you want added to the body of the email to help explain what the report is.
  • Select the format of the file you prefer (we suggest using Excel - .xls)
The system will begin crunching the data and email you a copy of the report as an attachment to an email when it's done.

When you open the report in Excel, you will see two tabs:

1. Account Send Summary
This tab shows you the totals for all emails sent from your account during the time frame selected.

2. Your Account (Tab label will reflect your station's account name within SMC)
This tab list every individual email sent during the timeframe selected, including data on number of emails sent, opens, clicks, and bounces.

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