Marketing Forms: How Do I Update The Email & Phone Number Listed in My Thank You Emails?

By default Marketing Forms Thank-You Emails uses the primary station contact information entered in your Marketing Forms account.
Marketing Forms admins have the permission to update site-wide station contact settings:
  1. Log into Marketing forms at
  2. Navigate to Appearance-> Settings -> NPR Digital Services
  3. Update your station’s latest contact information and hit “Save Configuration” at bottom of page. Note that this will also change the phone number and help email visible on each of your donation forms.
If your Thank-You Email contact information doesn’t change after updating your station contact information, it’s very likely that that Thank-You Email had been customized to use a specific employee’s personal email or phone number, rather than pulling in default information.
Please contact us with a link to the donation form connected to the thank-you message you want to update, and whether you’d like to use default contact info or a specific phone number or email.

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