Marketing Forms: How to Access Marketing Form Reports

Here's how to review payment and donor information collected in your NPRDS Marketing Forms, as well as download a file to import into your donor database.

  • Contact Report:  
    The contact report allows you to pull out contact information for anyone who as submitted pledges through your forms.  It is most commonly used to download a contact list to upload to an email marketing program.  
  • Donation Export Report
    The donation export file contains all the data about your pledges, and is most commonly used to upload pledge data to your database.
  • Order Report:
    The orders report allows you to view/search all transactions by ORDER ID.
  • Member Comments Dashboard:
    The Member Comments Dashboards allows you to see the information that is most commonly needed for thanking donors on-air during a pledge drive. 
  • Pledge Revenue Summary Dashboard:
    The Pledge Revenue Dashboard allows you to review the total dollar amount for donations submitted during a given timeframe.
  • Premiums Report:
    The premium report contains all the details about the gifts that were selected with a pledge.  It is most commonly used as a fulfillment list
  • Payment Failures Report:
    Failed payments will be available in your payment failure report.  We recommend using the report to identify which donors need to be contacted with an appeal to renew their information. 

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