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What is it?

Visual indicator for donors to see how you are progressing to your goal.

  • Visually track dollars raised, number of gifts or number of sustainers gained during a given timeframe.
  • Best for long-term goals – Entire drive, or entire day, or special long-term campaigns
How to Create a Goal


2. Click ADD A GOAL and complete the form as follows:
  • Goal Name (Required): An internal label for this goal.  You will see it in your list of available goals.
  • Goal Context: Indicate which form(s) the system should pay attention to for this goal.  Pledges submitted through the form(s) indicated will count towards your progress.  If you have active forms that are not included, those donations will not be counted towards your goal.
    • Single: If you only want to track donations submitted through a single form
    • Form Group: If you want donations coming from multiple forms to count toward this goal.
    • Group by Type: Not used in our Springboard configuration
  • What do you want to track: Settings to define the type of information you want to track. 
    • Total Donation Amount: Dollar amount of money raised through your form(s)
    • Number of Form Submissions: The number of donors who have submitted a pledge regardless of the dollar amount raised.
    • Number of Sustainer Conversions: The number of donors who have set up a monthly pledge, regardless of dollar amount raised.
  • Goal: Define what your goal is.
    • Total Required to Meet the Goal: For donation amount goals, enter the whole number that represents your fundraising goal.  For example, enter 10000 for a $10,000 goal.
    • Seed Goal Progress With This Amount: If you want your goal status bar to look as though you've started to progress toward your goal before you're received any pledges, enter a seed amount here. Optional field.
    • Minimum Amount Required to Show Progress: If you enter a number here, your goal status bar will not display at all until you've reached this minimum amount. Optional field.
    • Starter Message: Text entered here will display in the place of your goal status bar until you've received pledges to count towards the goal.
  • Goal Timeframe: Set the start and end dates to indicate when the system should start counting pledges toward your goal, and when it should stop counting pledges toward your goal.  Both fields are optional.  If you do not set a start date, the system will count every pledge that has ever come in through your form toward the total.  If you do not set an end date, the system will continue to count pledges until you decide to remove the status bar from your form.
    • Auto Expire Checkbox: When checked, the system will automatically hide your goal status bar once the goal's end date has passed.
  • Display: Customize how your status bar is displayed on your form:
    • Progress Bar Style: Use the drop down menu to select the visual style for your status bar.
    • Goal Template: Customize the text that appears around your status bar.

      Tip: The text inside brackets represents information being pulled in to the text based on what pledges have been submitted.  You can edit the text around the information in brackets, but don't change any of the text inside the brackets.

      [goal:progress-bar] pulls in your actual status bar.  If you delete this text, the bar will not display.

      [goal:target] pulls in the number you set as your goal.

      [goal:total] pulls in what has been received so far towards your goal.

      [goal:progress-percent] pulls in a number that represents what percent of your goal has been met.

      Advanced:  Additional information can be pulled in automatically, this file contains a guide to the codes that can be inserted, and the corresponding information they will pull in.
3. Hit SAVE at the bottom.  This will save your goal settings, but will not add anything to your live forms.

Displaying a Goal Status Bar on a Form

To display a goal on your form, you need to copy a bit of code from the goal you just set up and paste it into the body section of the form(s) you want the goal to display on.


2. Click the EMBED link to the right of the goal you wish to embed.

3. Copy the code from the middle box labeled, STANDARD TEMPLATE (you may want to paste this code into a notepad file to keep it handy). Code from the other two boxes is not needed:

4.Go to the edit view of the form you would like your pledge challenge goal to appear on.  Underneath the body section is a drop-down menu labeled, TEXT FORMAT.  Make sure the RAW HTML option is selected.

5. In the BODY window, paste the emed code where you would like the status bar to appear in relation to any other text in your BODY.

6. Hit SAVE at the bottom of the page.

Your status bar will now be live on your form and visible to your donors according to the settings in your goal.

If you want to make edits to your goal settings, go to CONFIGURATION >> CONTENT AUTHORTHING >>WEBFORM GOALS and click the edit link next to the goal you wish to adjust. 

If you want to remove a status bar from your form, you can either edit your goal to set it to be expired, or go into the edit view of your form to delete the embed code.

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