Marketing Forms

Marketing Forms: How to Access Marketing Form Reports

Here's how to review payment and donor information collected in your NPRDS Marketing Forms, as well as download a file to import into your donor database. Contact Report: The contact report allows you to...

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Marketing Forms: Contact Report

The contact report allows you to pull out contact information for anyone who as submitted pledges through your forms. It is most commonly used to download a contact list to upload to an email marketing program...

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Marketing Forms: How Do I Update The Email & Phone Number Listed in My Thank You Emails?

By default Marketing Forms Thank-You Emails uses the primary station contact information entered in your Marketing Forms account. Marketing Forms admins have the permission to update site-wide station contact ...

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Marketing Forms: Can I offer EFT as a Payment Method with Sage as my payment gateway?

Marketing Forms can offer EFT as a payment option for donors for stations using the Sage payment gateway. EFT Payments need to be processed in real time, meaning that the first payment on a sustaining pledge wi...

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Marketing Forms: How Can I Search For a Form?

With the August 2017 Springboard platform update, there is a new search feature to help stations with a large number of donation forms find the donation form they are looking to edit. When you first log in to ...

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