Analytics: How to Enable Cross-Domain Tracking in Google Analytics

Enabling cross-domain tracking in Google Analytics allows sessions to continue across properties for tracking purposes. For example, with cross-domain tracking in place, if a visitor loads your homepage and th...

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Analytics: How do I use E-Commerce tracking data in Google Analytics?

Why e-commerce tracking is important: Adding Google Analytics e-commerce tracking to pledge pages allows you to collect transaction and revenue data in Google Analytics. Transaction and revenue data can ...

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Analytics: How do I manage filters and views in Google Analytics?

Views and Filters in Google Analytics Filters and Views can help you configure what data your Google Analytics account pays attention to so that your reports are more meaningful. You can set up multiple Views ...

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Analytics: Using In-Page Analytics within Google Analytics

Google's In-Page Analytics lets you view your user activity while you are acitveley browsing your site. In-page analytics works through a Google Chrome browser add-on, available here. Enable Accurate In-page A...

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Analytics: NPR Referrals Segment for Google Analytics

NPR has created a template for a Google Analytics Segment on traffic that has been to referred to your site from an NPR platform including,, NPR One, and NPR email newsletters. You can save this templat...

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Analytics: Year-End Donation Campaign Report

NPR has created a Google Analytics report template to help stations review how much money was raised locally by traffic referred to your local donation form within your local Google Analytics account. Please n...

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