Analytics: Cross Domain Settings Google Analytics

Enabling cross domain tracking in Google Analytics allows sessions to continue across properties. If your tracking is handled by the SAS tag, fo llow the instructions below to include a domain in your cross-dom...

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Analytics: How do I use E-Commerce tracking data in Google Analytics?

Why e-commerce tracking is important: Adding Google Analytics e-commerce tracking to pledge pages allows us to collect transaction and revenue data in Google Analytics. Transaction and revenue data can b...

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Analytics: How do I manage filters and views in Google Analytics?

Views and Filters in Google Analytics Filters can be very helpful in Google Analytics. For example, they are useful for filtering out internal traffic. Here is a step by step guide of how to set up filters: ...

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Analytics: Using In-Page Analytics within Google Analytics

In-page Analytics lets stations view user activity within your website pages while browsing the site. In-page analytics works through a Google Chrome browser add-on, available here. Enable Accurate In-page Ana...

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