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Core Publisher: How do I create a Small Image Promotional Block for my homepage?

The Small Image Promo Block is effective for promoting news and station-focused events using smaller logos and images. All elements of a Small Image Promo Block can be customized. To create a Small Image Pro...

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Core Publisher: What is a Program Promo Block?

There are three treatments for the Promotional Block -- Large Image Promo, Small Image Promo and Program Promo. The purpose of the Program Promo Block is to promote the programs that you air on your station, b...

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Core Publisher: What is an RSS Block?

There is one treatment for the RSS Block. Use the RSS Block to feature up to ten posts from a RSS feed in a block on your homepage. You can choose to use a Core Publisher-generated RSS feed, or a feed from an ...

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Core Publisher: How can I add a block of Posts related by Category on my homepage?

Use the Category Block to feature up to five posts on your homepage from either your /news, /npr-news or one of your Category pages. Category Blocks allow you to create more focused content blocks to draw your ...

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How do I update my CName Record as a part of the Core Publisher HTTPS transition?

As we have previously communicated, we are transitioning all Core Publisher sites to HTTPS to provide a more secure experience for you and your web visitors. What you need to know: As a part of this transition...

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