How can my audience listen to my stream on a Google Home device?

Listeners with a Google smart speaker device (not including users of Google Assistant on a mobile Android device) can invoke your station stream through both NPR and TuneIn using specific voice commands.

To listen through NPR:
Say Hey Google, play [station name as entered in the Station Display Name field in StationConnect].

To listen through TuneIn:
Say Hey Google, play [station name].

If your station name is the same in StationConnect and with TuneIn, the NPR stream should supersede and be offered.

Saying Hey Google, play NPR will prompt Google to do a sort of digital coin flip to offer a station in your local area. As more listeners use the Google Assistant tool for listening to station streams, we predict that the localization tool will become smarter and improve the stations that it offers to listeners in certain areas.

(Updated March 2019)

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