Author and Section Tabs in Chartbeat

Core Publisher stations and stations using the Station Analytics System (SAS) tag to implement Chartbeat tracking on their website will now see "Author" and "Section" data on their Chartbeat Dashboards.


This data allows you to drill-down in your Chartbeat dashboard to data about a particular site section or a particular author’s stories.

For any stations using the SAS tag to serve your Chartbeat tag, the “Author” variable in chartbeat will populate from the meta tags on your site. You can read more about how the SAS tag and meta tags work together here.


For Core Publisher stations, the “Section” variable in Chartbeat is set based on the page URL. The rules used to define the “Section” are the same as those used to populate the “Page Type” Custom Dimension in Google Analytics and include the following options:

  • Story

  • Program

  • Schedule

  • Search

  • Playlist

  • Streaming

  • Support

  • People

  • Events

  • Content/About


For non-Core Publisher stations, the “Section” variable will only be set if you are using the SAS tag and have defined the rules for page categorization in the Station Analytics System. You can set the definitions for your these page categories by visiting and definiting them in your Site or Domain configurations.

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