Analytics: Custom Dimension in Google Analytics

One of the key benefits of the Station Analytics System tracking is the customized data sent to Google Analytics. The SAS tag captures data about variables like Author, Category, Publish date and more using the meta tags on your site. In order to allow Google Analytics to store this data an administrator on your Google Analytics account will need to create the Custom Dimensions where this data will be stored. 

The attached PDF will walk you through the creation of these variables or you can grant our system access to create all of the required variables using an automated process. If you would like us to handle these piece for you, please be sure that our account has view, collaborate and edit access to your Google Analytics account then submit a ticket letting us know that you are ready to go!


creating_custom_dimensions_in_google_analytics_-_google_docs.pdf creating_custom_dimensions_in_google_analytics_-_google_docs.pdf

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