How do I get podcast episode downloads in a CSV file in the new Audio Downloads reports?

How to Retrieve Podcast Episode Downloads via CSV file

A common use case in reporting Audio Downloads is retrieving a CSV file of episodes for a podcast with their corresponding download totals. In this post, we’ll walk through that process.


1) Open the Audio Downloads dashboard from the top nav bar.



2) Set the relevant date range from which you wish to report. The report allows any range of data from 8/1/2017 forward.



3) Select the program you wish to drill into / report on. Click its title in the Programs table halfway down the page

Note: you can switch the sequence of steps #2 and #3. The date picker persists after the Program is selected.


4) Once the report refreshes, click the Download CSV link in the top right of the page. It will download a CSV file of data for whatever program and date range you selected.


5) Open the zip file that downloads from your browser. It will contain roughly 20 CSV files. The file you’re looking for is titled like this:





This CSV file contains the following fields:

  • Title of the episode (truncated to fit into our table)

  • The full title of the episode

  • The full URL for the episode

  • Total Downloads for that episode within the selected time period





Refer to this how-to article for a more detailed walkthrough of how to use the new reports. You can also reach out to our Station Support team by submitting a ticket.


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