Public Media Metrics KPI’s : Google Analytics How To Guide

This document will help you to use Google Analytics to implement some of the website KPI’s outlined in the presentation

Users with 3+ sessions: This is not a standard Google Analytics metric but it can be created as a segment which can then be added to custom reports and dashboards. Click the link below to add the segment to your account.

This segment can now be applied to your dashboards and reports like any other segment in Google Analytics.

NOTE: Segment conditions are applied to the time frame in your report. Therefore, if you would like to see monthly users with 3 or more sessions, you will have to pull each month of data individually rather than for a longer period even if the data is broken out by weeks or months. Google calculates the segment by calculating how many users met the conditions in the reporting time frame.

Newsletter Sign ups/ Registration Goal: Depending on how your site is set up this goal can either based on a page or on a click event. No matter how you track it, you want to keep track of how many users are registering on your site. You can find instructions on how to create goals here.

If you have an event tracking your newsletter sign ups you will create goal where the event matches the action for newsletter sign up (take a look at your events report first so you already know the exact name). If you have a confirmation or thank you page for newsletter sign ups, then you will create a destination goal based on the URI or name of that page.

Pages per User: This is not a standard Google Analytics metric but it can be created as a calculated metric which can then be added to custom reports and dashboards. Unfortunately, GA does not support the link based sharing of calculated metrics, so you will need to create the metric in your account following these steps:

Note: To create this metric you will need advanced access on your GA account.
Click the cog in the bottom of the left navigation menu.
Select “calculated metrics” from the view level menu on the far right.

Now click the red button to add a new metric.


  • Fill out the form as seen in the image below:
  • Name the metric “Pages per User”
  • The external name will automatically populate based on the name you enter.
  • Formatting type should be set to “Float”
  • In the formula box use the type ahead drop downs to enter pageviews / users
  • Save your changes.


Calculated Metrics are user-defined metrics that are computed from existing metrics and drive more relevant analysis and enable greater actionability without leaving the product. Use calculated metrics within custom reports, dashboards, or widgets. Learn more



To track revenue you must have e-commerce tracking implemented on your pledge form and enabled for your google analytics view. Read the article on how to set up e-commerce.


KPI starter Dashboard:

Once you have created the metric and segment above you should be able to use this dashboard to get you started on an easy way to view the KPI’s. This dashboard will give you a place to start, but you will want to customize it to meet your station needs. 

Some of the widgets, like “newsletter signups” may need to be edited to match the goal configuration of your site. You can do that by clicking the pencil icon in the right corner of the widget and selecting the appropriate goal conversion for your site.


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