Analytics: How do I manage filters and views in Google Analytics?

Views and Filters in Google Analytics

Filters and Views can help you configure what data your Google Analytics account pays attention to so that your reports are more meaningful. You can set up multiple Views within Google Analytics to access the full suite of GA reports for the different ways you decide to filter your data. 

For example, you can set up a View within your Google Analytics account that uses a Filter to filter out out internal traffic by setting up a filter that instructs Google Analytics to ignore any traffic coming from your internal IP addresses. That way your reports are not skewed by how your staff uses the site for internal purposes.

A warning about filters - Once a filter is applied to a view, Google with discard any traffic data it believes you want to filter out. There is no way to retrieve this discarded data if you realize you've made a mistake. We highly recommend having a test View to try out new filters before you apply them to an import View in your account.

Here is a step by step guide of how to set up filters:
  1. Log into Google Analytics
  2. From the bottom of the left hand sidebar, choose Admin
  3. Under view, select Filters
  4. Click on the red ADD FILTER button
  5. Select, create new filter and add a name

  6. Under filter type choose predefined
  7. Here you can set filters to either include or exclude certain parameters
    • Include: Sets a filter that only lets the parameter specified go through the filter
    • Exclude: Filters out anything with the specified parameter
  8. Choose whether your filter pertains to ISP Domain, IP address, traffic to subdirectories, or traffic to hostname.
  9. Hit verify to see how your filter affects data from the past 7 days
  10. Hit save when you are satisfied with your filter.

Tip: Add a filter to your ‘test’ view and let it run for a day to assess the full impact before adding it to the ‘master’ view. You can find more information on DS recommended views in this blog post.

Edit/Remove an Existing Filter

  1. Log into Google Analytics
  2. From the bottom of the left hand sidebar, choose Admin
  3. Under view, select Filters
  4. Click on the hyperlinked filter name:

  5. To Remove the filter, click on the remove link in the rightmost column

Note: This will only remove a filter from the current view. This filter will still be available to use for any view.

Permanently Delete a Filter

  1. Go to the Admin tab on the left hand sidebar
  2. Under Account, choose All Filters
  3. Click on DELETE next to the filter you wish to remove

Note: DS recommends removing a filter and retaining it as unused rather than permanently deleting it.

For more information about filters, refer to this Google Support article

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