Analytics: How do I find the On-Demand Audio Reports?

The NPR Station Analytics System provides reporting on on-demand audio listening, encompassing information on the individual audio files you have available on the web whether they are distributed through podcast feeds or embedded alongside other content on your site.

To view the on-demand dashboard please login to the Station Analytics System and navigate to the on-demand dashboard.

Each of the On-Demand dashboards can display up to the last full month’s worth of history on the following topics:
  • Unique Users
  • Listening time per user
  • Most engaging programs
  • Most engaging episodes
  • Total Downloaded Listening Hours
  • Segments/Podcasts per User 
There is also an option to download the data for each report in a .csv file that you could save data on a local machine for future reference.  

What if I can’t see the “On-Demand Audio” tab in my account?

On-demand metrics must be fully set up for your station for the On-Demand Dashboards to be visible in your account. If you were notified by NPR that on-demand audio tracking is set up, but you still can’t see the reports, please let us know.
If your station does not use core publisher and hasn’t signed up for on-demand tracking yet, please follow the instructions on this page.


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