Analytics: Can I set up PodTrac tracking?

PodTrac tracking requires reconstructing program RSS feeds. Station can enroll in PodTrac tracking as long as they can edit RSS feeds on their own, however we do not recommend using Station Analytics System on-demand tracking and PodTrac tracking at the same time.

Station maybe able to participate PodTrac tracking by inserting a piece of PodTrac link, like , before the actual download links in podcast RSS feeds.

  • If you have control over podcast feeds you could certainly follow PodTrac instructions and create mirrored RSS feeds.
  • For core publisher stations or stations that could not update RSS feeds on their own, the best solution is to use Station Analytics System on-demand dashboard. To sign up Station Analytics System on-demand tracking please see here

Note: Tracking with PodTrac or other measurement tool by reconstructing download urls may affect the accuracy of Station Analytics System On-demand tracking, and we do not recommend using both tracking methods against the same set of RSS feeds and logs.

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