Analytics: Troubleshooting your Core Publisher Analytics Dashboard

Each core publisher site has an analytics dashboard, you may find more information about it here

If you do not see an analytics dashboard in your station’s core publisher site and want NPR team to turn it on for you, please send us a ticket.

What if my real-time report shows N/A?
The real-time report is pulled from Chartbeat. If the Chartbeat servers are being slow to respond, Core Publisher's connection to the service may temporarily time out, which results in “N/A” appearing on the dashboard, usually refreshing the page will resolve it.

What if my real-time report shows 0?
The real-time report provides real-time count of the unique visitors on your site, you may see zero visitors during the period when your site is less busy. To make sure the real-time report is functional you could open your site from another browser or device, then fresh the dashboard to see if visitor number gets updated. Still no luck? Send us a ticket.

What if my top post/top referral report data does not match my Google Analytics report?

The top post and top referrals reports pull data from Google Analytics. They contain data from the past 7 full days, plus today. Eg. If today is July 20th then the dashboard contains data from July 13th –July 20th.  Make sure you are matching to the exact same time period when comparing to data in your Google Analytics account.

The top posts and top referral lists update about every half hour. Should you have a traffic spike, it may take up to 30 minutes for the increased numbers to be reflected in these reports. 

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