Analytics: What is the Core Publisher analytics dashboard?

If your station uses a core publisher site you may notice there is an analytics dashboard located at the top of admin pages once you log in.
This dashboard is designed to give site editors a quick glance of your site's performance. If you are interested in more comprehensive analytics reports, you may register for the Station Analytics System or review the data within your own Google Analytics account.

Here’s a screenshot of what the Core Publisher analytics dashboard looks like:

A) Site real-time visitor chart.
B) In the middle there’s a top content report that pulls the most popular stories in the past 7 days.
C) On the right rail there’s a top referral dashboard based on last 7 days.
D) At the bottom are links that take you to different analytics products that feed data into the Station Analytics System.

The real-time report pulls data from Chartbeat.

Top story and top referral reports are pulled from Google Analytics.
You may click on the “?” mark near the title of each section and view the detailed description about the dashboards.
If you have trouble with the CP analytics dashboard please check out this article.


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