Analytics: Can I switch the Google Analytics or Triton account being referenced in the weekly SAS email?

NPR sends a weekly SAS email, providing a high-level summary of your station’s stats each week, including website traffic, web-streaming, on-demand audio usage, and NPR One reporting.
In the footer section of the SAS email you are able to see which Google Analytics account and which  Triton webcast metrics stream is being referenced in the data.

If you wish to switch which account is used you need to follow these steps:
  • Google Analytics: Log into Google Analytics and get the id of the view that you want to use as the primary view for the weekly emails, and send it to us. When you are in Google Analytics, go to Admin, select the view that you want to use, then go to view settings to ascertain the view id. ​
  • Triton Webcast Metrics: Log into Triton webcast metrics. On the lower right-hand side of the landing page, you can see all the streams that belong to your station, (see below) please copy the name of the stream you would prefer to use, and send it to us.  
  • On-demand Audio: Each station only has one on-demand account and there’s no need or option to switch to another account. More information on troubleshooting the on-demand audio data in the weekly emails is available here.
  • NPR One: Each station only has one NPR One station account and there’s no need or option to switch to another account. 

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