Analytics: How do I enable E-Commerce in Google Analytics?

  1. Log into Google Analytics.
  2. Click on Admin at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar
  3. Choose the relevant property and view
  4. Under view, click on Ecommerce Settings
  5. Click on the switch to Enable Ecommerce
  6. Ask your donation form vendor to push transaction values onto the Thank You page so that Google Analytics tracking codes can send donation details to the reports.

    Here are Google's guidelines that you can send to donation form vendors. 

    If you are using Marketing Forms, this information is already being sent to your Google Analytics account. However, E-Commerce tracking must be active in order for your Google Analytics account to store this data. 
  7. Once Ecommerce is set up you can look at the data in Google Analytics reports.
Note: You will need to complete process 1-5 for every Google Analytics view where you would like to include ecommerce data.

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