Analytics: What do I do if the SAS Weekly Email says data not available?

The Station Analytics System weekly email contains data from multiple sources.  Occasionally the email will display a message that “data is not available” for a particular section, of the email. Here’s how to trouble shoot that situation.
If data from the website is missing:
  1. Make sure your correct Google analytics account is being used in SAS settings. Click here on how to configure tracking in SAS and add Google Analytics accounts.(a link to SAS set up page)
  2. Add the following two emails with at least edit level access in the Google analytics account that is being used in SAS. Click here for more on how to add and manage users in Google Analytics
  3. Once you have completed both steps 1 and 2, please wait up to 48 hours for the data to be available in SAS and email newsletters.  If you continue to have issues after these steps please contact us
 If Streaming/Triton webcast metrics data is missing:
  1. If your station does not have Triton webcast metrics set up, please go to this article and follow the process to set it up. (Link to Desk Triton setup article)
  2. If your station already has Triton setup, but you do not see data in the station analytics system and email newsletters, please contact us 
If On-demand data is missing:
  • All stations using Core Publisher will have on-demand report on all audio content uploaded to Core publisher sites.
  • If your station doesn’t use core publisher or there are additional on-demand resources you want to be included in on-demand reports, please follow instructions on this page to submit your on-demand log information. (Link to On-demand instructions in desk)
If NPR One data is missing:
  • In order to have NPR One report, your station must be an eligible member station and have submitted local content to NPR One.  If these are both true, please contact us


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