Analytics: What do I do if the SAS Weekly Email says data not available?

The Station Analytics System weekly email contains data from multiple sources.  Occasionally the email will display a message that “data is not available” for a particular section, of the email. Here’s how to trouble shoot that situation.
If website traffic is missing:

  1. Confirm whether web traffic is also missing from your SAS dashboards. If so, check that the correct Google Analytics account is listed in your SAS settings.
  2. Make sure the following two emails have been granted access to your Google Analytics account, with at least edit level access. Click here for more on how to add and manage users in Google Analytics
  3. Once you have completed both steps 1 and 2, please wait up to 48 hours for the data to be available in SAS and email newsletters.  If you continue to have issues after these steps please contact us
 If Streaming/Triton webcast metrics data is missing:
  1. There may be something wrong with your Triton log files, or your Triton Webcast Metrics setup my not be complete. More information on setting up Triton Webcast Metrics is available here
  2. If your station already has Triton setup, but you do not see data in the station analytics system and email newsletters, please contact us 
If On-demand data is missing:  
If NPR One data is missing:
  • In order to have NPR One report, your station must be an eligible member station, and have submitted local content to NPR One.  If these are both true, double check all your station information is up to date in StationConnect, and contact us if you continue to have trouble. 

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