Analytics: What do I do if Numbers drop significantly in weekly newsletter?

What does it mean if the numbers change significantly in the weekly newsletter?
NPR DS sends out a weekly analytics email update, providing a high-level  analytic summary of your station stats, including website, streaming, on-demand audio, and NPR One. It compares your station’s performance week over week and against the average of the last twelve weeks.

You should expect to see variance in this data week to week, any change up to 20%--positive or negative—falls within what normal variance based on breaking news or social media attention. If you notice a more severe change over several consecutive weeks, the steps below tell you how to try to determine the causality.
The SAS newsletter pulls data from different sources including, Google Analytics and Triton Webcast Metrics. The first step to investigate variance is to make sure the date a connection between SAS and these services is still working.
If the source services (Google and Triton) are reflecting the same results as SAS then the variance could be caused by a tracking issue.
To start visit Google Analytics and Triton Webcast Metrics
How do I make sure the connection between SAS email and its data sources is not broken?
To start visit Google Analytics and Triton Webcast Metrics, there will be no data in SAS if the connection has completely broken.  
Next confirm that the right account or stream is being measured. You can do this by looking at the footer of the weekly email.
  • Website data source: Google Analytics, view name as shown in email footer
  • Live Stream data source: Triton webcast metrics, stream name as shown in email footer
  • On-demand data source: SAS on-demand dashboard
  • NPR One data source: SAS NPR One dashboard
If SAS and your data source have the same number then we want to make sure tracking is working properly.
  • If triton webcast metrics numbers seem unrealistically low, Triton Webcast Metrics may not be processing all of your streaming log files correctly. Here’s the help document on how webcast metrics works ( If you think the logs are not processed properly, please send an email to Triton support team ( and open a ticket with NPR Digital Services
  • If Google Analytics data has significantly dropped please make sure all website pages still have SAS tracking code implemented. For questions on customized implementation please contact us. (
  • If on-demand data has significantly dropped: Core publisher stations and Triton-hosted stations, shouldn’t see unrealistic drops in on-demand segment. If you do see suspicious drops, it may be some of your content wasn’t tracked Please make sure all audio files and podcasts were uploaded to your core publisher sites.
For stations submitting logs individually the drop is likely caused by changes made to your FTP address, FTP password, missing individual daily logs, log configuration.
  • If you notice a signifigant drop in NPR One data please make sure all station information in Station connect is up to date, and newscast injection is still functional. 


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