Marketing Forms: How to Access Premium Report

The premiums report contains all the details about the gifts that were selected with your donations.  It is most commonly used as a fulfillment list to help you know where to send which thank-you gifts, and contains:
  • Donor Name
  • Address
  • Pledge Order ID
  • Premium Name
  • Premium SKU
  • Premium Attributes
  • Quantity
  • Donor's email address
Accessing your Premiums Report

1. Log into your Marketing Forms Account

2. Click on the REPORTS tab and select PREMIUMS When the page initially loads, it will pull in all donations in which a gift was selected, with the most recent donations at the top.

3. Select Your Filters.

Use the TITLE field to search for a word or words from the name of the premium, if desired.

Use the CREATED DATE drop-down to select a date or date-range for when the original donation was made.
  • Select IS BETWEEN from the drop-down to display two fields that can be used to select start and end dates for your field.
  • Select IS EQUAL TO from the drop down to reveal a single field that can be used to select a single day to limit the search to.
4. Click on the GO button to run your search.

The view on screen will refresh to display the donations returned by your search.

5. Click on the blue, DOWNLOAD AS .CSV button to download your report results.

Field Key

The fields in the report include the contact details connected to the donor who made the donation, and the attributes belonging to the premium selected:

Order ID – The unique ID number for the donation when the gift was originally selected. This number may be used in the Order Report to look up the original donation record.
Created Date – The date & time the donation was originally created.
Revision Date – The date & time the donation was last changed. Donors cannot make changes to their donation after it is submitted, so this date should always match the creation date.
Premium Price – The minimum donation amount needed to select the premium selected.
Premium SKU – The SKU for the premium selected. Premium Name – The Title for the premium selected.
Attribute 1 Name – The title given to the first set of attribute options assigned to the premium (left blank when the premium has no attribute options).
Attribute 1 Value – The option selected by the donor for the first set of attribute options.
Attribute 2 Title - The title given to the second set of attribute options assigned to the premium (left blank when there is no second attribute set).
Attribute 2 Value - The option selected by the donor for the second set of attribute options, when available.
Quantity – The number of items selected when the donor has the option to choose more than one of a single premium. Email – The email address entered with the donation
Username – The username assigned to the donor by the system (based on email address – donors cannot login, but their contact record uses functionality that could be used with a user account with future development).
Billing Contact Fields – The billing contact information on the contact record for the donor. Fields include:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Address
  • Address Line 2
  • City
  • State/Province
  • Postal Code
Shipping Fields – The name & address information entered in the shipping fields on the donation. Fields include:
  • Shipping First Name
  • Shipping Last Name
  • Shipping Address
  • Shipping Address 2
  • Shipping City
  • Shipping State
  • Shipping Country

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