Marketing Forms: What Can I Customize on the Forms?

Background: You have direct control of many pieces of your form, other customisations need to be managed by an Station Support team member. 

Station admins have control over the following:
  1. Form name: The name given to the form that can either be publicly displayed or hidden
  2. Description: A description that will sit on top of the form
  3. Pre-set Donation Amounts: Control over the pre-set amounts, as well as labels and the option of custom amounts
  4. Premiums: Can add/remove premiums
  5. Payment Methods: Can set which methods of payment are available on the form. 
For information on how to edit a form, read the article Marketing Forms: How to Edit a Cloned Form

Station Support manages the following: 
  1. Adding/Removing/Moving Fields: Configuring which fields are available on a form and where they are located
  2. Field Labels: Changing the labels of fields on a form
  3. Custom Text Between Fields: Adding custom text between the fields of a form
  4. Source Code: Assigning source code to a form
  5. Thank You Page: Configuring 'Thank You' page text
  6. Thank You Email: Customising 'Thank You' Emails
While you're doing your initial account set up, you can contact your Station Support Manager to make form changes. Once you have gone live with your forms, please submit a ticket to have a team member assist you. 

Questions? Having Trouble? Contact Station Relations

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