SoundExchange: How do I format Playlists for SoundExchange Reporting

Playlist Log File Guidelines

In order to generate SoundExchange compliant reports, NPR Digital Services (NPR/DS) needs a playlist of all the recordings streamed by your station (aside from those on some nationally syndicated shows, which we will gather directly from the producers) during the reporting period, broken down by stream.

We need these data in a tab-delimited, text file for processing (one file per stream). If you have your data in a spreadsheet (i.e. an xls file), please save the file as a tab-delimited text file before sending to us.

We cannot accept written logs, Word documents, PDF files or files that do not present the data in this format for processing.

Data files that are not in the following format will not be processed, and hence reports will not be submitted to SoundExchange on your station’s behalf.

If you use Composer 2 to generate and maintain your playlists you do not need to submit a playlist separately.

Required Data Fields Per Recording Played

For each recording played on a stream the following data must be tracked in order for NPR Digital Services to generate a successful SoundExchange reports:
  •     Title
  •     Artist  - For classical music, group or orchestra - no soloists please.
  •     Album 
  •     Label
  •     Start time
  •     End Time  or Duration

The data columns in the file can be in any order, so as long as it is consistent throughout the file and properly reflected in the ordering of the field identifiers in the header row.

It’s OK to have other data fields in the file, as long as they are clearly identified so we can exclude them during processing.

Required Playlist Log File Format

Your playlist log(s) must adhere to the following format in order for us to be able to process your files:

    Tab-delimited TXT File.
    One file per content stream
    First row of the file must be a header row using the field identifiers indicated above (Title, Artist, Album, Label, Start Time, End Time or Duration)
    One row per play (song), ordered chronologically by start date/time
      Start/End dates and times must be one of the following formats, and include the day, month, year, hour and second, with time given in 24-hour format
  • MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss e.g. 06/25/2009 14:05:05
  • yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss e.g. 2009-06-25 14:05:05
  • MM-dd-yyyy HH:mm:ss e.g. 06-25-2009 14:05:05

By default, we assume that date and times in your playlist file are in your local timezone.

If they are not you can specify the timezone by appending the UTC offset in the form -HHMM, e.g. 2009-06-26 00:45:56 -0400

Specify song duration as mm:ss, e.g. 4:38 (leading zeroes for hours can be omitted)
Finally, please do NOT include any program information, station IDs, PSAs, or non-song information.

Playlist Example:  Playlist_Sample.txt

Playlist Template:   Playlist_Template.xlsx

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Playlist_Sample.txt Playlist_Sample.txt
Playlist_Template.xlsx Playlist_Template.xlsx

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