Marketing Forms: How do I use the payment failure report?

If you use Authorize & Capture processing with the or Sage payment gateways, the Marketing Forms system maintains the schedule of monthly sustaining payments, and automatically submits payments to your gateway each month.

When a payment is submitted to your gateway, successful payments will come through your your donation export report. Failed payments will be available in your payment failure report.  We recommend using the report to identify which donors need to be contacted with an appeal to renew their information.

Finding the Payment Failure Report

To find your Payment Failure Report, log in to your Marketing Forms account, and select PAYMENT FAILURES from the REPORTS drop-down:


How to Filter & Download the Payment Failure Report

1. Open the TRANSACTION DATE drop-down menu, and select IS BETWEEN to display to date-picker fields you can use to select a date-range for your report.

2. Select a start & end date for your report and click on the GO button to run the filter.
3. Click the CSV button on the top-right to download a CSV version of the report.

Payment Failure Auto-Cancellation

If a donor's recurring donation set contains payments that fail for three months in a row, the system will automatically cancel all future payments in the set.

The system will send an email alert to the primary contact email address in your account when it detects recurring donation sets that will be cancelled in the following month, should they fail.

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