StationConnect: How do I resize my Logo?

To make sure your logo fills as much of the space as possible, use the 450x190 dimensions as a baseline.

Here’s how:
  1. In your design software of choice, create a new document at 450x190
  2. Import the highest quality logo file available to you (preferably an AI, EPS, or PDF file)
  3. Select your logo, then—while holding down the shift key—click and drag any corner until the edges of your logo are touching either the top & bottom or both sides of the canvas.
    • If your logo scales to the width first, then center the logo from top and bottom of the canvas.
    • If your logo scales to height first, then center the logo from left and right of the canvas.

Logo DOs and DON'Ts

  • DO keep it simple
  • DO take up the full width or height of the canvas 
  • DON'T include an extra tagline
  • DON'T include an extra logo
  • DON'T center your logo with white space all around
Do keep it simple

Do take up the full width of the canvas

Don't include an extra tagline

Don't include an extra logo

Don't center your logo with white space all around

Resizing your logo using Illustrator

Resizing your logo using Photoshop

Resizing your logo using Sketch

If you have questions or are experiencing trouble with formatting your logos, please do not hesitate to submit a ticket. 

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