StationConnect: How do I update my station logos to appear on and NPR One?

In StationConnect, you are given two options for logo sizes—large and small. Historically, the large logo has been used solely on NPR One on the Station ID page and the Station Search page as seen below.

The small logo, on the other hand, has been used on both NPR One and—more widely— throughout such as the Station Finder below:

Now, will use the large logo by default.

Using the large logo as your station’s primary mark will help ensure both brand consistency and prominence across and, if applicable, NPR One.

Ensuring your large logo is uploaded, up-to-date and following best practices is an important step to achieving a strong station identity throughout NPR’s digital products.

Why use the large logo by default, rather than the small logo?

Defaulting to a small logo restricts the ways in which your station’s brand can be presented throughout NPR digital products. Especially when small logos are scaled larger than their original size (138x46) which negatively impacts the quality of the image. An example of a small logo scaled to a larger size:

Large logos are more flexible, as they can be made smaller (in code) when necessary without impacting the image quality. This allows for increased brand prominence & consistency. An example of a large logo scaled down to a smaller size:

What will happen if my station does not upload a large logo?

If your station does not have a large logo uploaded, the small logo will appear in its place. In other words, your branding will still be visible, but not as prominent in certain areas of and NPR One.

Best Practices

1. Ensure proper file specifications
To make sure your large logo looks great on phones, tablets, TVs and more, it should be:
  • Saved as a PNG
  • A resolution of 72dpi (dots per inch)
  • 450px wide, 190px high
  • On a transparent background
2. Keep it simple
Please upload the simplest version of your logo. It is best to avoid versions that include taglines, additional logos (i.e., NPR, PBS), or any other visual elements that may distract from or compete with your logo. Ensuring simplicity in the large logo helps your station maintain a strong identity across all of NPR’s digital products.

3. Take up the full space either by width or height
Many station logos are not able to fill the 450x190 space entirely. As a result, the logo will have extra whitespace on the top and bottom, or on either side. 

4. Learn how to resize your logo for the best fit

5. Logo DOs and DON'Ts
  • DO keep it simple
  • DO take up the full width or height of the canvas 
  • DON'T include an extra tagline
  • DON'T include an extra logo
  • DON'T center your logo with white space all around
Do keep it simple

Do take up the full width of the canvas

Don't include an extra tagline

Don't include an extra logo

Don't center your logo with white space all around


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