Analytics: How do I Get Started with Webcast Metrics


All NPR Member stations have access to Triton Webcast Metrics provided by Triton Media to track data on how many people are listening to your live digital streams as part of their NPR DS Membership.

Triton provides:

    •    Key streaming metrics such as Average Active Sessions and Average Time Spent Listening
    •    Traditional radio metrics such as AQH and Cume
    •    Filtering by dates and daypart
    •    Trended data as well as comparisons by station format

To get set up with Triton Webcast Metrics, you need to work with your streaming provider to provide logs from your streaming servers available to Triton Media. Specifically, Triton will need access to the following:

  1. Server log files from your streaming server published to an FTP site that Triton Media can access.
  2. An HTTP URL from your streaming server that can provide us with the number of current active listeners on your stream (this data will be used to populate the real-time stats in Triton)
To initiate set up of your stream measurement, please send an email to your streaming vendor, with a cc to to request the following information:
  • State your authorization to allow Triton access to your log files to setup Webcast Metrics
  • FTP address where streaming log files will be published
  • FTP Credentials Triton can use to access the log files (USER NAME & PASSWORD)
  • HTTP URL from the streaming server to provide us with the number of current active listeners

Once we receive the required details for your account set up, we will work with Triton Media to begin your Webcast Metrics setup, and provide you with a login to the Webcast Metrics system.

After you Webcast Metrics account has been fully activated, you will also begin to see streaming metrics in the Station Analytics System dashboards.

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