StationConnect: Why is my HTTPS stream URL not validating?

In order to be in compliance with the new HTTPS requirement, your podcast feed as well as any content embedded in your stream feed, including audio, will need to be secure.

Why Does StationConnect ask me for a secure HTTPS URL when I have pasted one in the field?

StationConnect actively checks to see if your stream URLs are valid. If StationConnect asks you for a secure HTTPS URL after you have pasted your HTTPS feed in the stream URL field, then it is likely that the stream embeds such as audio are not secure within the feed. 

How to Tell if Your Stream Embeds are Not Secure

If Your Stream is in a Playlist File Format (such as .pls or .m3u)
1. Copy and Paste your stream URL into a browser window
2. The stream will automatically download a file
3. Open the stream file in a text editor
4. The text file may reveal a HTTP URL.
5. If it is HTTP then the stream is not secure. 

If Your Stream URL is a Direct Link to the Stream
1. Copy and Paste your stream URL into a browser window (we recommend you use Chrome)
2. Right click on the window and select 'Inspect'
3. A window on the right hand side will open
4. Make sure Element is selected
5. Click on 'body' to access the drop down
6. Click on 'video' and in the drop down you will see the 'source'
7. The source will reveal if the stream embed is http or https 

If Your Streams are Not Valid
1. Contact your streaming provider and request for secure embeds in your stream URLs. 
2. Paste your new secure streams into StationConnect. 

Read more about updating your HTTPS Streams in StationConnect

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