StationConnect: Why is my HTTPS podcast URL not validating?

In order for your podcast feed to be in compliance with the new HTTPS requirement, all embeds including, images, audio and links need to be secure.

Why Does StationConnect ask me for a secure HTTPS URL when I have pasted one in the field?

If you have added your HTTPS feed URL to the field labeled Podcast RSS Feed, then you may have a problem with the embeds contained in your Podcast feed. All embeds including, images, audio and links need to be secure for your Podcast feed to be considered secure. 

How to Tell if Your Podcast Embeds are Not Secure

1. Copy and Paste your Podcast RSS URL into a browser window
2. If the RSS feed does not display, Right click and select 'View the Page Source'
If you are unfamiliar with viewing page source use this guide to find the page source.
3. Ctrl + F and search for the following word: 'enclosure'
4. Check to see if your audio URLS are HTTP in the enclosures: <enclosure url="http://
5. If your audio URLS are HTTP, then your RSS feed is not considered secure. 

What to Do if Your Audio Embeds are Not Secure

1. Contact your podcast provider and ask them to secure all of the embeds (including audio and images) in the RSS feed.
2. Once these items are secure in the RSS feed, save them in StationConnect.

Learn how to update your HTTPS podcast in StationConnect


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