StationConnect: How do I set up branding for a unique station in my network?

In StationConnect you can easily manage all of your branding in one place. When you log in to StationConnect you will see that all of your stations are set to by default to share the same settings as the Network Parent. If you have a station that requires unique branding in your network you can selectively override the network settings and customize the branding. 

We encourage you maintain the default shared settings unless you happen to have a station that is very different in your network. For instance, if the majority of your network carries news but you have one classical music station, then customizing the branding for it would be appropriate. 

Create unique settings for a station in your network: 

  1. Log into StationConnect
  2. Click on the station you wish to edit that is below the Network Parent.
  3. You will see will see a button next to: Use logos, description, content, and settings (recommended) and make sure that button is set to OFF. 
  4. Click Save.
  5. Upload your custom branding for your station.
  6. Click Save.

Watch this short video to see it in action. 

Station Connect Custom Settings:

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