Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Importing Data Extensions

Preparing Your File to Import:

1. Identify which fields in your data extension you need to update.  Do not include any fields in your upload file that you do not have data for.

The only field the is required in any upload is an email field (The "CTCT_Email_em" field in your Master Subscriber List).

2. Make sure the field headings in your upload file match the field headings in your Master Subscriber Data extension.  Note: You have the option to manually map fields when you upload the file, but the upload is easier if the fields already match.

3. Do a "find/replace" to ensure your file does not contain any commas.

If a single field contains multiple items they should be separated by a standing pipe | instead of a comma:

4. Save the file as a .CSV

Importing Your File:


2. Click on the IMPORT icon to the right of your Master Subscriber list.

3. In the window that opens:
  1. Select MY COMPUTER
  2. Browse to the file on your computer
  3. Make sure ADD and UPDATE is selected as the IMPORT TYPE  and click NEXT
  4. Map fields – If field headers in file match headers in SMC, mapping will be done automatically.  Select Map Manually if fields from your upload are missing or mapped incorrectly.  Click NEXT when mapping looks correct.
  5. Review and enter email address for notification of any import errors and click IMPORT.
4. The system will send you an email when it is done importing the file which will outline how many contacts were added and/or updated.  If there were any errors importing the file, a .txt file will be attached to the email with details on which rows contained errors.

5. Review import errors set to you via email, fix file and re-import if needed.

Tip: Only upload fields that you need to update.  The only field that is always required is the email field (The "CTCT_Email_em" field in your Master Subscriber List).

Update your Segments/Subscriber Audiences

If any of the fields you updated are connected to a Filtered Data Extension (sub-lists pulled from data in your master subscriber list), you will need to refresh those data extensions to make sure the changes are reflected.

1. Go to DATA EXTENSIONS>>SUBSCRIBER AUDIENCES and scan the list for your list.
2. Click the icon of two circles to the left of your list to refresh the Filtered Data Extension. 

Refreshing the list will set the system to re-run the filter to add or remove any emails from the list based on changes made to the Master Subscriber Data Extension since the last time the list was refreshed.
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