Salesforce Marketing Cloud: How to Unsubscribe an Email Address

If you are contacted by a subscriber who wishes to be removed from your email list, you may direct them to your profile page to adjust their subscriptions, or manually unsubscribe them yourself.

Step 1: Locate Your Profile Page

All NPR Station Profile Pages may be used to sign up for your email lists, or adjust existing subscriptions.  All station profile page URLS follow this formula: followed by a string of numbers from the ID number for your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Business Unit. 

For example, if your ID number were 123456, your profile page URL would be

To find the ID number for your Business Unit, log in to SMC, then click on your station name in the top-right corner.  A drop-down will appear with some of your account details.  The ID number you need is labeled, MID:

Step 2: Customize the URL to Create Shortcut to Unsubscribe Screen

Once you've found the URL to your profile page, you can add the following string to the end of your profile page to create a shortcut to adjust the preferences for a particular subscriber:


(replace the EMAILADDRESS text with the email of the subscriber whose preferences you are adjusted)

For example, if the link to your profile page is:

The shortcut link will look like this: 

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