Analytics: What do I do if my Website Data is Missing from Weekly Emails & Dashboards?

Troubleshooting Site Tracking in SAS
There is no website data displaying in my SAS dashboards. How do I get my statistics to appear?
The statistics in the SAS are powered by Google Analytics. If you don’t see Google Analytics Statistics in your SAS dashboard, we are likely not properly connected to your Google Analytics account.

First, confirm you have given us access to your Google Analytics account to be able to pull site tracking data.

In order to do this:
1. Go to the top right hand corner and select “Setup”
2. Look under “Overview” >> “Stations”
3. Select your station and select “Get Code”
Add these two emails into your Google Analytics Account as admin users:
Note: After your grant us access to your account, it takes about 24-48 hours for data to
show up.
Adding code to your site:
We’ve already added the code to your Core Publisher site for you, but if you have other sites not hosted by NPR DS, you will need to add the code to those pages yourself.
  1. Make sure all the domain you want to track are connected to your station in SAS.  Log in to the Station Analytics System and Go to OVERVIEW >> STATIONS , and click on the SITES link.
  2. If you own domains where you will be adding SAS tracking that are not listed here, click ADD SITE to add an additional domain to the list.  Click the SHOW INSTRUCTIONS link at the top of the page for detailed information about adding sites.
Once all your sites are added, go back to OVERVIEW >> STATIONS and click the CODE link to to retrieve your code.  Copy the code and paste it into your site template, inside the head element, just above the closing </head> tag.  

Submit a ticket if you continue to have trouble.

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