Analytics: Troubleshooting Website Data is Missing from Weekly Emails

The web statistics in the weekly emails sent out by the Station Analytics System are taken from the same Google Analytics account used to power your station's dashboards.  If you don’t see Google Analytics Statistics in your SAS weekly email, we are likely not properly connected to your Google Analytics account.

Log in to SAS to review whether you are seeing website data there.

If data is also missing from your SAS dashboards, confirm you have given us access to your Google Analytics account to be able to pull site tracking data.

In order to do this, add these two emails into your Google Analytics Account as admin users:
Note: After your grant us access to your account, it takes about 24-48 hours for data to
show up.

Submit a ticket if you ARE seeing website data in your SAS dashboards, but it is missing from your weekly email summary.

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